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WhatsApp: how to create a chat where there is only one person

WhatsApp: how to create a chat where there is only one person

whatsapp create chat room #v3chat.com only one personGet the most out of WhatsApp with this trick. Surely you have ever been browsing your favorite social network and suddenly you see a news that interests you but you cannot read it at the moment for a matter of time, therefore, what you do is copy the link of the article and save it in the mobile notepad. This is how you accumulate websites that you don't get to read because you don't usually enter the team's notebook; However, WhatsApp is an application that you use daily and this time we will teach you to create a chat with yourself so that you can store everything you want. Next we will tell you the steps.


A chat with yourself? It sounds crazy, but it is possible to do with WhatsApp and the best of all is that it will not be necessary to install additional applications that take up storage space on your Smartphone. With this chat you can save all kinds of content such as: photos, videos, links, documents, etc., and it is totally unlimited, in short, you can use it as a notepad.

There are several methods to create a chat where only you are. The first method is to belong to a WhatsApp group and wait for all the members to leave so that you are alone; and the second is to create a group chat and add two people to later delete them and leave only you, something that could make other users uncomfortable if you don't coordinate it first. There is a third mode that is the simplest and where you will not bother anyone by adding it and then removing it.

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WhatsApp: how to create a chat where there is only one person @-v3chat.com-

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