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What Google Instagram and Facebook know about you

This is how you find out what Google, Instagram and Facebook think they know about you

What Google Instagram (v3chat.com) and Facebook know about you Advertisers collect data about us and use it to display supposedly suitable ads. So far so good. But what do the platforms think they know about us? You can see that in advertising interests.


Google and Facebook are considered Big Brother and data octopuses who practice user stalking. There is definitely something to it - nevertheless, the interests and characteristics that they assign to us are sometimes right wrong. That can be funny. Instagram thinks I'm interested in the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta, the US Army's special counter-terrorism and hostage rescue unit (WTF?). Google thinks I own real estate, while Facebook certifies that I am “at the beginning of adult life”. You also want to check out what Google and the socials think who you are? Then take a look at your advertising interests - maybe there’s something to laugh about!


1. Google: Personalized Advertising
Call up the menu in a Google app using the round button with your picture or your initials. Then select "Manage Google Account". Swipe the bar with the tabs a little to the left so that you see "Data and data protection". Below that you will find a section called “Advertising Settings”. If you allow personalized advertising, you can tap on it, and if you scroll down a bit, you will see small bubbles with your characteristics and interests. On Google you can see not only your alleged interests, but also characteristics: For example, whether they believe that you are in a relationship, have children and own a home. Then there are interests such as “limousines”, “resources and equipment for DJs” or “floor coverings”. Laminate for life!


2. Instagram: advertising interests

On the home screen, tap on your photo in the lower right corner to get to your profile. At the top right of the three parallel lines you will find the menu. Open the settings there. Then you go to "Security" - underneath there is a section called "Data and History", under which you select "View data". This will then invite you, two seconds - now you can scroll down to the bottom and tap on “View all” in the “Ads” section under “Advertising interests”. You can apparently click the "Show more" button an infinite number of times, and you will see more and more fun interests. Are you also passionate about "understanding", "I" or "manufacturing"?


3. Facebook: advertising interests

A rogue, who thinks badly, but Facebook has hidden the list of advertising preferences quite nicely. Open the side menu and scroll down. Open “Settings and Privacy” and you will find “Privacy at a glance”. Funnily enough, you don't get to your advertising preferences via the advertising preferences, but via the section below: "Your Facebook information". Here go to "Access your information." Here you have to scroll down quite a bit, to the section "Logged information". Open “Other logged information”, here you will first see your peer group - Facebook could, for example, place you “at the beginning of adult life”. With a tap on "Advertising Interests" you can view your list - including the possibility of deselecting unsuitable or undesirable interests. Something like "Carpe diem" for example, or chemical "organic compounds".

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What Google Instagram and Facebook know about you @-v3chat.com-

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