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Chat GPT, the AI at the service of cheating and scamming

Chat GPT, the AI at the service of cheating and scamming

Chat GPT, the AI at the service of cheating and scammingChat GPT, the chatbot developed by the Californian start-up Open AI, is proving, as its skills are revealed, to be a formidable tool of efficiency for better and for worse.

Within weeks, Chat GPT became a social media star. This "conversational agent" developed by OpenAI is put to all sauces by users: it responds to the most absurd requests with imperturbable phlegm and is able to write an article, a poem, a speech or a song on all themes. and in all styles.

The result is usually indistinguishable from serious work done by a human being. But, past the excitement of discovering a gadget with unlimited skills, some now see very concrete applications in it: this is what a handicapology teacher at the faculty of Lyon saw, reports Le Progrès. Stéphane Bonvallet had given his students three weeks to work on the following subject: "Defining the main features of the medical approach to disability in Europe."

However, on half of the 14 copies returned, the professor noticed troubling commonalities: “We found the same grammatical constructions. The reasoning was conducted in the same order, with the same qualities and the same faults. Finally, they were all illustrated by a personal example, relating to a grandmother or a grandfather…” he explains to Progrès. It was not a banal copy/paste from Wikipedia but a new kind of cheat.

After a brief investigation, the professor was stunned to discover that seven of the 14 assignments had been authored by Chat GPT. A total surprise for Stéphane Bonvallet who had heard of this chatbot without imagining for a moment that he was capable of writing an entire assignment.

In the absence of a rule prohibiting this tool, specifies the Progrès, the professor had to resolve to mark the copies normally for what they were worth, that is to say between 10 and 12. Not without having alerted the direction of the university and having realized, while broaching the subject with colleagues, that cheating with Chat GPT is already a massive phenomenon.

In New York, the realization was quick: the use of Chat GPT is now prohibited in all public schools. But how to spot the Cat GPT paw in an assignment, a much more difficult task than to detect simple plagiarism using software? Here too, countermeasures are being developed. Open AI, for example, plans to associate all the texts provided by Chat GPT with a cryptographic key comparable to an invisible watermark hidden in a photo, proving that it was produced by the bot. Unfortunately, underlines the Journal du Geek, it will be enough to slightly change the turns of the text to make the protection useless.

And the flow of problems and questions raised by the rise of Chat GPT is only growing: it can turn out to be a massive propaganda tool, capable of generating thousands of well-argued pages in a matter of seconds and, notes Numerama , online scammers would already use it to generate convincing scam and phishing emails in many languages. And this, without any syntax or spelling mistakes…

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