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We offer a full range of PHP/MySQL chat scripts including 121 instant messenger / private chat scripts, live support systems, multi-user chat rooms, shoutbox and profile (CMS) scripts.

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PHP/MySQL 121 Instant Messenger
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Multi user chat room with text message advertising
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V3 Instant Messenger and Chat Room scripts have been designed as stand alone units or easily integrate into any members database - more info

All scripts are written in php/MySQL, use low bandwidth and unlike flash or java chat applets require no additional plugins or downloads. Ajax technology helps to deliver a fast flicker free performance without any visual page refreshing.

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Chat - Instant Messenger & Chat Rooms seamlessly integrate into your exisiting members database without any need for heavy reprogramming. Its simply a case of adding a few lines of code to your page and your ready to go!  For Developers, the V3 Chat - Instant Messenger & Chat Room scripts integrate into any custom built database or content management system (CMS). Please contact our support team for more details.


Highly coded scripts that modify the feature of live chat for the users ar typically called chat room scripts. These scripts ar sequence of strings, string pairs during a explicit manner. 2 users WHO chat through these chat room scripts will be a part of by variety of users which is able to allow them to have a gaggle chat. These scripts modify this feature on a high level as you only ought to build an internet site or journal, head to ASCII text file of that web site and paste all the code within that markup language file. Restart your system and you'll see landflirt chat room scripts started operating asking your permission to permit your digital camera support. You click affirmative and here we tend to go, your image can show up within the screen with all of your motion. you'll see that compare to different package these chat room scripts offer top quality, clarity for the video in chat rooms or online chatting sites.
 We can divide landflirt chat room script on the higher level into 2 types: digital camera landflirt chat room and video chat rooms script. digital camera chat with strangers script is generally utilized by the net users World Health Organization like to live chat to stranger. Suppose, you're living at one place and your friend is much away to you. you wish to possess live chat hr with him wherever you'll be able to speak and see at just one occasion. You searched on the net, notice variety of software system that permits you each these options. You downloaded them, put in however what you bought is failure. an occasional quality chat nothing else. however digital camera chat hr (human resource) script can offer you over that. you'll be able to have best live chatroom over the net. Sound quality best to listen to, video quality you're keen on to visualize. you'll be able to access these chatroom scripts on demo basis that square measure free however if you longing for free than be prepared of caliber conjointly. As solely few chatroom  scripts square measure there that you may notice of very best quality and free.
 Chat szobák létre, hogy megbeszéléseket folytatni bármilyen témában. Ezek a népszerű, valós idejű mód az internetes kommunikáció megindítására használt, létre és tart fenn az online kapcsolatok. Chat szobák az igen népszerű és freewheeling területeken az interneten, ahol az emberek a saját maga által létrehozott beceneveket megvitassák bármit: tanárok, Kafka, aranyos fiú, a politika, a szeretet, gyökérkezelés. Ők lehet, mint bármely más szervezett összejövetelen az emberek; vannak szabályok, az etikett, hogy mindenki várhatóan követni - társkereső oldalak regisztráció nélkül. A legősibb formája a valódi chat szobák a szöveges alapú fajta. Sok chat valós idejű, élő chat-szobák, amelyek szintén képesek privát üzenetet küldeni, amely megnyitja egy külön képernyőn.








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